Kudos to Flock!

Flock  First and foremost congratulations to the flock team for their developer preview release today. For those of you that don’t know, Flock is a new browser that is being developed that is to open a whole new world of browsing the web. A lot of them have been blogging about it. It is featured as the 4th top search on technorati today. I guess you can understand the excitement in the blogosphere about the first public release of this browser.

I am very much impressed with the features it provides. I would say it is just firefox plus the extra features which are really cool and very useful.  I have been playing around with it since morning. Yes, It is quite rough around the edges but its just a beta and there’s a long long way to go. I hope they come out more new features and fix out all the bugs.

One thing which is clearly missing is importing bookmarks from firefox. I am a firefox user and I could not figure out any other way to  import  my  firefox  bookmarks.  Again this is featured  in the todo  list of a developer’s blog. So  no worries there. I can expect this feature ready by maybe next week.

The blog editor is really a cool feature and i should say this got me blogging :). As of know if i am right it just supports WordPress( Thanks to flock again for giving me a wordpress account without the need of an invite) and Blogger. One thing which annoys me is the formatting is lost when i publich blogs from the blog editor. Words which are made bold do not appear bold when published.

One more cool feature is the shelf which is quite useful for bloggers. You can acces it at Tools->Shelf. You can drag/copy data on to it and then drag from it onto the blog editor. The flickr top bar is also good. You can just drag and drop flickr photos from the bar onto the editor.

Sounds cool eh?? Give it a shot. You can download it from here.  I bet you’ll love it. A detailed analysis of the complete features is here and here.

In the midst of all this some people stiil question how will development efforts for Flock influence development efforts for Firefox. See here for more details.

Bart Decrem, the CEO at Flock, posted his view on the whole Flock / Firefox and closed-source / open-source deal over at his blog.



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